Top 10 AdSense Alternatives That Can Increase Website Revenue (2023)

Google AdSense is one of the most popular methods for website owners to monetize their websites with advertising space. Founded by Google in 2003, it has the highest visibility of any advertising network and is an excellent option for small website owners to start monetizing their content. Larger websites can benefit from AdSense alternatives to increase and diversify their revenue.

Top 10 AdSense Alternatives That Can Increase Website Revenue (2023)

You may also consider AdSense alternatives if:


·         I'm having trouble approving my account

·         Google suspended my AdSense account

·         I want access to more ad formats


What is AdSense?

AdSense allows publishers to sell space on their website to advertisers for revenue It's a conversion program.

Website space can be sold per impression or per click. Advertisers acquire the right to display advertisements through Google Ads.


Top AdSense Alternatives


1. AdExchange (ADXS)



Google's Ad Exchange gives publishers access to advanced monetization tools, such as header bidding, to increase their revenue (see Header Bidding for more information). guide). It is used by many of his biggest websites in the world, including and


Ad Exchange gives publishers more control over their inventory in terms of pricing, inventory segmentation, and programmatic opportunities.


Advanced filtering and blocking of ad categories Compatibility with PMP and Private Auctions Flexible reporting based on publisher-defined criteria Access to vendor blocking Access to more ad demand for increased revenue, but Ad Exchange To access, you must be classified as a Preferred Publisher. At least making 5 million page views per month. If you don't meet this requirement or don't want to go through the hassle of setting up an account, you can access Ad Exchange through an ad technology partner such as Single or a header bidding company. Allow access to Ad Exchange and other ad networks through your account if you meet Snivel's lower.

2. is the world's second-largest contextual advertising network by revenue and AdSense's direct rival with exclusive access to Yahoo! and Bing. is used by well-known companies like CNN, Forbes, and Reuters to monetize their offers the following services: Native Advertising Display Advertising Mobile Advertising


Does Pay More Than AdSense?


AdSense usually works best with "above the fold" banners. typically performs better with ad spaces or sticky sidebars within the content. AdSense also performs better in niches with fewer products, but performs better in niches with more products.


3. Amazon's Native Shopping Ads.


A refresh is triggered when the user switches tabs (

These native ads provide website visitors with product recommendations from Amazon. Amazon selects product recommendations based on user and website content. Publishers may earn referral fees based on the types of products sold or through “reward events.” B. When you sign up for an Amazon Prime Video Trial.


Do Amazon's native shopping ads pay more than AdSense?


It depends on your website's content. If you're in a product-focused niche such as consumer electronics or fitness equipment, Amazon AdSense native ads perform well. However, most website owners use a combination of native AdSense and Amazon Ads to provide a great user experience.


4. Propeller Ads


Propeller Ads is one of the largest alternative advertising networks with 32,000 advertisers. We offer aggressive, high-CPM ad formats such as interstitials, push notifications, and in-page push ads. 

With no minimum traffic requirements, Propeller Ads are suitable for smaller publishers looking to generate aggressive revenue.


Do Propeller Ads pay more than AdSense?


Generally yes. Propeller ads pop-up and push ads are more aggressive. This improves viewability and click-through rate (CTR). This allows Propeller Ads to generate more revenue than AdSense. 

Propeller Ads, however, is not as strict as AdSense in terms of product policies, so the quality of the ads you see is generally not as high as seen in his AdSense.


5. yliX 

yliX is an advertising network that specializes in aggressive advertising formats. There are no limits on site size or content and creating an account is free. 

As such, yliX is an option for publishers struggling to get their sites approved by mainstream providers like AdSense and Single.


 yliX does he pay higher than AdSense?


ylliX is one of the expensive AdSense alternatives. Some publishers report that he reached his CPM of $3 for the US and $0.25 for Africa. 

However, ylliX requires publishers to use aggressive ad formats such as pounder ads, mobile redirects, and full-page ads. Most publishers rejected these ad formats, resulting in lower ratings on


6. Skimlinks


If you're a blogger or media publisher who frequently posts Skimlinks commerce-related content, it may be worthwhile to integrate an affiliate marketing solution into your website. Skimlinks is ideal for publishers who want to monetize their text content without displaying ads (or in addition to display ads).

They have a network of affiliate retailers and will scan your content for mentions of registered partners. Every time Skimlinks is mentioned an affiliate link is added to earn a commission. The advantage of such a solution is that there is no need to manage or search for partnerships.


Is Skimlinks paying more than AdSense?


Skimlinks and AdSense take quite distinct methods for website revenue. The type of content you post determines whether or not you can make more money with affiliate marketing. That being said, Skimlinks' commission is lower than AdSense's at 25% (compared to his 32% commission on AdSense). When a visitor clicks on her Skimlinks affiliate link, the merchant pays her 75% commission. 

As a result, Skimlinks pays a greater compensation rate to publishers than Google Adsense. Additionally, you can earn more sales when users purchase products through affiliate links on your page. As such, it is particularly well suited for product review content. Skimlinks has a low minimum payout of $10. However, payments are sent only every 90 days.


7. Taboola


One of the most well-known networks for content discovery is Taboola. Publishers seeking a mobile web monetization platform have to think about signing up. Publishers can use Taboola to offer "sponsored content", also known as native advertising. 

Native ads help users find content related to their interests. The network focuses on content quality and brand awareness. Further audience segmentation, targeting, and remarketing techniques are also available to you. However, to join Taboola, you need at least 500,000 page views per month.


Is Taboola paying more than AdSense?


Taboola processes payments through Payoneer 45 days after the end of the month you initiate payments. They claim a 100% fill rate across all ad units. The average cost-per-click (CPC) for Taboola ads is between 2 and 5 cents. However, it is often lower for Asian traffic. 

Website RPM can range from $1 to $2 depending on traffic quality and geographic location. Additionally, Taboola video ads can help you earn more if you have traffic from the US.


8. Carbon


Carbon is an invite-only advertising network for publishers with content related to the technology industry. Still, if you think your site meets Carbon's criteria, you can visit her website at Carbon and apply to join the network. Carbon aims to use unobtrusive native display ads that provide a positive user experience.


Is Carbon paying more than AdSense?


Carbon's ad network caters to niche audiences. Carbon claims exclusivity from publishers. Depending on your website and your expectations, this exclusivity deal can be beneficial and improve the quality of your pages. It also means gone. As with all ad networks, your earnings are entirely dependent on how your ad units are configured and the number of impressions your ad network delivers. 

It's important to note that Carbon only places one display ad per page. This could mean that you are missing out on revenue in some cases. Payment is made in the middle of each month to cover the previous month's income.


9. Blockthrough


Blockthrough is not necessarily an alternative to using AdSense, but a way to recoup ad revenue if a user has an ad blocker enabled. Many publishers are losing revenue because they don't use anti-ad blocking tools. Blockthrough helps publishers generate revenue from direct sales and programmatic advertising. However, it does not support AdSense. 

Apart from that, some solutions combine ad break revenue recovery with header bidding to maximize ad revenue. For example, My site header bidding solution, Adenine, has a built-in ad-blocking recovery tool. Is Blockthrough paying more than AdSense? As mentioned above, blockthrough and AdSense earnings cannot be directly compared. However, if you're losing a lot of money due to ad blockers,

Block through can help you recover some of your income. They operate on a revenue-sharing model, taking a portion of their revenue as a service fee.


10. AdStream


AdStream is a market-leading native video solution. In A/B tests, AdStream achieved the highest CPM and highest ad revenue compared to other leading solutions. AdStream offers customizable video units that can be placed on a publisher's site to meet size, awareness, and viewability goals. 

AdStream connects directly to all major SSPs and ad exchanges to help you get the most out of every impression. In-stream allows you to monetize your existing video content using AdStream. You can also encourage viewers to click through from your website to your YouTube channel.

Does AdStream pay more than AdSense?


In short: yes. On average, CPMs with AdStream is up to 10x higher than with display-only ads. Native video improves time on site and user engagement because the content is more immersive than display.

ads. Additionally, video units allow you to promote your videos and YouTube content to grow your

audience across different platforms.

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