Carrie Bickmore Bitcoin – A Scam And False Advertise

Scams and frauds involving cryptocurrencies have increased in recent years, and the latest victim of a false cryptocurrency advertisement is none other than Australian media star Carrie Bickmore. Social media advertising with her appearance has been making the rounds, claiming to offer a simple method to make money with Bitcoin. Unfortunately, it is all a hoax, and potential investors should be aware of the hazards connected with such scams.


According to the pitch, Carrie Bickmore has promoted a "Bitcoin Revolution" that promises to make investors wealthy in only a few days. It further states that the investment is "risk-free," with no fees or commissions. Yet, this is a hoax that should be avoided at all costs.


Carrie Bickmore Bitcoin – A Scam And False Advertise

Bickmore, Carrie Bitcoin: Fraudsters Steal a Known Name in Australian News


Carrie Bickmore is a well-known Australian and international figure. The award-winning talk show host and radio personality was one of the initial co-hosts of Network 10's The Project when it debuted in 2009. She is still a co-host today, having won prizes such as the Gold Logie Award for Most Popular Personality on Australian Television during her time there.


Bickmore has a radio career in addition to her work with Network 10 on The Project and other programs. She began her career as a newsreader for Nova 100 in 2001 and currently co-hosts the Hit Network show Carrie & Tommy.


Bickmore, Carrie Bitcoin Scam: Difficult Promises Don't Make Deliveries for Scam Victims


Unlicensed offshore CFD brokers collaborate with affiliate marketers to create these false celebrity endorsements and fake news pieces on social media. It's a massive issue that many countries, including Australia and New Zealand, are battling to solve.


Victims who respond to the advertisements are offered the latest Bitcoin opportunity. Scammers claim to offer automated trading that can make anyone money passively. Any investors, on the other hand, are depositing monies into a platform controlled by con artists. After investing, rogue CFD brokers have complete control over the funds and can do whatever they want with them, including refusing to enable withdrawals.


To begin with, Carrie Bickmore does not endorse the advertisement. She has never sponsored any cryptocurrency-related product or service, and she has already condemned the hoax in a statement. Her legal team is currently attempting to have the advertisement removed from all platforms.


Furthermore, the advertisement is not supported by any legal financial institution. It is not registered with ASIC or any other financial regulator in Australia. This means that any funds invested in the plan are unprotected by any laws or regulations.


Ultimately, the advertisement is questionable. It is riddled with deceptive claims, such as the promise of simple and quick money and the promise of no costs or commissions. The only way to profit from Bitcoin is to buy it, which is a dangerous investment in and of itself. The commercial also says that it can give investors access to a "secret algorithm" that will ensure their success, but this is exceedingly doubtful.


The advertisement is a hoax, and potential investors should be cautious of similar advertisements in the future. Bitcoin scams are becoming more common, and it is critical to understand the risks associated with investing in them.


When investing in any type of cryptocurrency, it is essential to do your own research and be skeptical of any ads that sound too good to be true. If you come across an ad that looks like Carrie Bickmore, ignore it as it is most likely a hoax.


Investing in cryptocurrencies can be very profitable, but it is important to be aware of the risks involved. Scams like the one involving Carrie Bickmore should be avoided as they can lead to huge losses for investors. If you are thinking of investing in cryptocurrency, do your studies and be aware of the potential risks.

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