Improve Windows XP performance with flash memory

Have you ever read about Microsoft ReadyBoost technology in the press and been disappointed that it wasn't included in Windows XP? Are you hesitant to update your PC or operating system, but want ReadyBoost to improve responsiveness and performance? Get eBoostr to give Windows XP the same performance benefits as Microsoft ReadyBoost, without the limitations!


Improve Windows XP performance with flash memory

ReadyBoost is the core Microsoft implementation of Windows Vista. It's one of the technologies. The new technology solves the bottleneck that many PCs experience when switching to a new Microsoft operating system: lack of RAM. It's no secret that every new operating system released by Microsoft consumes more memory than the one it replaces.


Microsoft tried to address this problem with the ReadyBoost technology built into its latest generation operating system, Windows Vista. This time, it allows the use of inexpensive flash memory such as USB memory sticks and memory cards commonly found in digital cameras, increasing the amount of memory available to the system and reducing disk access and overall system performance., improved the responsiveness of the application.

 What is ReadyBoost? 

ReadyBoost is the perfect technology when you're running out of RAM. The problem is that ReadyBoost is only available for Windows Vista and not its older sibling Windows XP. Computers running Windows XP predate computers that were sold with Windows Vista preinstalled.


They generally have less memory installed and benefit even more from using ReadyBoost than modern machines. Unfortunately, ReadyBoost isn't available unless you pull the trigger and upgrade to Windows Vista.

It really necessary to seek such drastic measures to achieve performance gains? No! MDO Corporation has released a replacement for Microsoft ReadyBoost technology, this time only works on Windows XP machines! eBoostr does everything Microsoft ReadyBoost can do. increase.


Replaces relatively slow disk accesses with faster flash memory accesses, allowing up to four different flash devices to be used with the same benefits of improved system performance, faster application load times, and better overall responsiveness provide. eBoostr is even more useful than ReadyBoost because it doesn't have strict performance requirements for the flash memory it uses to speed up your system.

 What is ReadyBoost requirement? 

ReadyBoost requires the use of faster and more expensive memory cards, while eBoostr works with almost any inexpensive flash drive on the market. Unlike ReadyBoost, eBoostr supports up to 4 flash devices simultaneously. Finally, eBoostr improves performance on slow PCs and computers with lots of RAM, while ReadyBoost mainly benefits slow PCs with limited memory. 

How does it work? 

Do you have a laptop with an integrated card reader or an open USB port? Inserting a memory card or flash drive into your laptop will improve system performance and extend battery life.


It's no secret that mobile hard drives used in notebooks are much slower than desktop hard drives. eBoostr reduces hard drive activity and provides even greater performance benefits over large desktops. It also reduces the amount of power your laptop needs to run, allowing your notebook to last longer on a single charge. Get one of the following flash cards and install eBoostr to instantly improve system performance and application responsiveness.

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